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When the temperature drops it is time to put down that Starbucks iced latte, and pick up a hot coffee or tea. Read this guide to know what to do for that sore throat and what to bring to a camp fire or hockey game.

Fall drink guide

Rachel Finan, health + wellness writer November 19, 2019

photos by Kelley Cochran

Back to snacks

Annie O'Brien, health and wellness editor August 21, 2018

I get it. You're always hungry. You don't eat breakfast and then you forget your lunch and get stuck eating cafeteria food. By the time you get home from school you're exhausted and starving. You could...

Sleep: a waste of time

Sleep: a waste of time

Brendan Davidson, sports writer May 15, 2018

As the school year draws to close, students are more stressed than ever with finals, AP tests and homework. We have minimal time to relearn much of the year’s content for each class. Loads of work exhaust...

Eight foods you think are healthy, but aren't

Eight foods you think are healthy, but aren’t

Katie Judd, copy editor January 22, 2018

Many people go through life eating foods they think are healthy for them but are not. TKC lists eight misleading foods with healthy alternatives to better suffice your diet. art by Catherine McCandless

Don't panic, it's organic

Don’t panic, it’s organic

Kate Hennessey, sports editor October 12, 2017

Snacking around three to four times throughout the day is an essential part of maintaining energy for after-school sports. Many high schoolers can struggle with receiving the right amount of energy for...

Healthy after school snack alternatives

Healthy after school snack alternatives

Anna Mullendore, features writer May 17, 2015

Fruity Graham Crackers Spread blueberry yogurt or a yogurt of your liking, on a graham cracker. Top with slices of banana, mini chocolate chips and dried cranberries.     Nutty...

7 Ways to Fuel Your Brain

7 Ways to Fuel Your Brain

Anna Mullendore, features writer April 26, 2015

Anna Mullendore Getting enough sleep is vital for your nervous system, thus crucial to your concentration, coordination and memory. But when a student’s lack of sleep is due to early morning reviews,...

Eat what you want

Eat what you want

Alexa Kannenberg, opinions editor February 20, 2015

"Wow nice salad.” “Why do you go to the gym? You’re so skinny.” “Ew why are you eating kale?” Whether it’s at a restaurant or in the cafeteria, I hear these comments all the time. To someone...

Good eats: the stomach rules the mind

Good eats: the stomach rules the mind

Katie Woodruff, news writer February 20, 2015

Chick-fil-a: Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap Total Calories: 340   Chipotle: Vegetarian burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans, fajita vegetables, lettuce and roasted chili corn salsa Total...

Salad, please.

Salad, please.

Chloë King, web staff September 17, 2014

Those days of feeling like a total pig after ordering so much McDonalds that it looks like you’re eating for two are (possibly) over. According to a new study published by Nutrition and Diabetes, you...

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