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Gauging the gap

Samaya Trawick, Junior, raises her hand in math class to ask a question.

Jack Anderson and Jack Rintoul

March 17, 2019

As the deafening noise of the halftime buzzer sounds, Samaya Trawick, junior and varsity cheerleader, leaps into place before her team begins their routine. At this moment, she feels a part of something. But for Trawick, that is not always the case at KHS. Taking both AP and honors courses over the...

Weighing in on weighted classes

art by Audrey Allison

Holden Foreman, web editor

May 18, 2017

When student-selected speaker Gina Woodard, health teacher, took the podium for the annual Gold K Ceremony April 24, she thanked “the smart kids” for selecting her. After acknowledging her less-than-stellar high school GPA (to some more-than-cliche laughter) Woodard explained why relationships outw...

Do freshmen have enough honors?

Do freshmen have enough honors?

Hannah Cohen, social media

October 5, 2015

Freshmen have two honors classes available: Honors Freshman Literature and Composition and Honors Geometry. For some freshmen, this is not enough. Students who are planning to take more honors classes their sophomore years, feel like they will not be prepared for the transition from regular to honors...

‘The Divide.’ – Achievement Gap

'The Divide.' - Achievement Gap

Anna Mullendore, features writer

March 12, 2015

*Disclaimer: The people selected to be interviewed were chosen on the basis of their races, ages, genders, and titles, as a way to showcase a variety of perspectives on the topic.

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