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Special Olympics needs volunteers

Special Olympics needs volunteers

Malayna Vines, photographer

January 11, 2019

KHS is in need of volunteers to participate as buddies during Special Olympics Feb. 28. Buddies are paired with athletes and spend the day playing games with them. Students should only sign up to be a buddy if they can attend a mandatory training session during homeroom Feb. 21. Special Olympics will ...

The family in our faculty

The family in our faculty

Jonathan Munroe, news-features writer

April 24, 2018

For some KHS teachers, faculty means friendship. But for four staff members, faculty means family. Katie Hall, math teacher and Kirkwood graduate of 1999, and Lucas Ravenscraft, social studies teacher and Kirkwood graduate of 2003, both have mothers who work in the main office, Mary Dahlem and Jacquel...

VOK: KHS principals present and past

Jamie Jones, Anna Poe, Alyssa Fox, and Abbey Painter

December 21, 2016

Dr. Michael Havener “Dr. Havener has such a good balance because he’s been here as a teacher, an assistant principal, then he was at the central office and he came back here to be principal. He has a wider perspective of the district than the others which of course helps in making him such a wo...

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