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The Arsonists preview

The Arsonists preview

Abby Geisz, technical web editor

January 24, 2018

Taking eight weeks to produce, The Arsonists, a play put on by around 30 KHS students, is a comedy about a town that is regularly attacked by arsonists. It was originally written as a reaction to Germany invading others countries in World War II, while countries who were not directly involved sat back and d...

A white male’s experience at the Women’s March on St. Louis

A white male's experience at the Women's March on St. Louis

Holden Foreman, web editor

January 21, 2017

Their signs flooded Market Street in downtown St. Louis. To an outsider, they looked similar enough: a group of predominantly white women gathered to complain about the new president. Yet, their signs told a richer story. Their signs insisted black lives matter, their signs demanded LGBTQ rights and...

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