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Camille Baker, Chloe Hooker, and Zac Clingenpeel November 17, 2017

Every three weeks, the racks in the KHS hallways are restocked and the scent of freshly printed magazines fills the editor’s office in the south journalism building. As students enter the doors on...

Where are they now: H.L. Hall and Katie Meyers

Where are they now: H.L. Hall and Katie Meyers

Camille Baker, editor-in-chief November 8, 2017

Her curled blonde hair bobbing as she walks down the English hall carrying stacks of graded papers, Katie Meyers hums a song that has stuck with her for more than 29 years. ‘I’m alive, awake, alert,...

Change begins with me

Adele Baughman, Chloe Hooker, and Camille Baker April 7, 2017
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“I applied to Northwestern early decision and I also applied to UNC early action. I am planning to major in communications or media. Northwestern has always been  my dream school because it is really beautiful and there are a lot of opportunities. The journalism school is top in the country so I was attracted to the nice resources and the faculty because they are very knowledgeable.” -Anna Yung, senior from China

Voices of Kirkwood: Indianapolis edition

Cece Hensley, print editor November 11, 2016

Dr. Michael Havener, principal

Thank you:

TKC staff December 11, 2015

For most students and faculty members, our publications are nothing more than the daily morning announcements, a visit to, a newsmagazine every three weeks and a yearbook once a year....

Havener applauds Kirkwood journalism during a small reception during first lunch Monday. His wife and two daughters were in attendance.

Havener wins JEA Administrator of the Year

Ben Cohen, breaking news editor August 26, 2015

Dr. Michael Havener, principal, almost let a call on his phone go to voice mail Monday night from a California number he did not recognize. Expecting it to be a telemarketer, it was actually someone from...

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