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Student’s search safety

Student’s search safety

Ethan Peter, features writer

November 8, 2018

Polly Rekittke, senior, Googled the word “knife” in her first hour. By fifth hour, an administrator concerned about her search pulled her from Spanish class. Rekittke, embarrassed and flustered, quickly explained it had been for a “Hamlet” presentation in English class. Rekittke’s situatio...

Cocoa and Cram: study or jam?

Cocoa and Cram: study or jam?

Holden Foreman, web editor

December 13, 2016

Friends? Check. Food? Check. Upcoming tests in every single class? Check, please. Freshmen will tell you how they feel about taking seven tests in one week, but Link Crew tries to inject some fun into the process with Cocoa and Cram. During the annual event, Link Leaders and teachers bounce between t...

Thank you:

Thank you:

TKC staff

December 11, 2015

For most students and faculty members, our publications are nothing more than the daily morning announcements, a visit to, a newsmagazine every three weeks and a yearbook once a year. However, for us journalism nerds, it’s a lot more than that. For us, SJ is a second home, a ...

Samantha Hemer & Jeff Townsend

October 22, 2014

Samantha Hemer, junior “I like to draw and play guitar. [Drawing] comes easily to me and I can express myself through it. I do mostly realism, so whatever I see. [Guitar] is also a form of expression and I have always been into music since I was little. I like everything, from motown, disco, ...

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Jeff Townsend