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A season that won’t be forgotten

“We just had a togetherness and unity throughout the season,” Coronado said.
Henry Chappell, sports writer January 12, 2020

This season in KHS boys’ varsity soccer is over. However, it wasn't just any other year for the program. This season, they went to the state quarterfinals for the first time in program history, improving...

Reaching out

“A lot can be managed with taking care of yourself and being unapologetic about it. Start putting yourself first in all the right ways.”
-Gina Woodard
Thora Pearson, staff artist March 28, 2019

Planted in the commons is a long, winding hallway tightly packed with shut doors illuminated by the glow of fluorescent lights. To KHS students, this is known as the guidance hallway. Beyond these closed...

Photo gallery: varsity boys’ soccer Oct. 15

Photo by Will Rives
Will Rives, Photographer October 20, 2018

Kirkwood boys' soccer hosted Clayton High School for their senior night Monday, Oct. 15. Clayton came into the game a heavy favorite with a record of 18-1 against Kirkwood's 3-18. Although things were...

Suicide awareness week: white board day 10/24/17

Suicide awareness week: white board day 10/24/17
Mary Frizzell, photographer October 26, 2017

Suicide Awareness Week hosted a precursor to the full week which takes place annually in April on Tuesday, Oct. 24. White boards were put out on tables at the Essex and Dougherty Ferry parking lots for...

VoK: counselors

Joe Fisch, 9th grade counselor: “I was a teacher before I was a counselor and one thing that drew me to [being a counselor] was getting to work with students in a one on one setting, getting to know the students and helping them in a little bit of a different [way] than with teaching. Don’t get me wrong, teachers have a major impact on students but sometimes you get to get into some issues or topics that are very impactful to the students.”
Anna Poe, photographer February 16, 2017

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