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KHS Reacts to a fake admission of love

Chloë King, Justin Sweeney, and Michael Teasdale

February 19, 2016

Michael Teasdale, Justin Sweeney and Chloë King asked KHS students to reveal secrets to one another on camera. However, one of the students in each pair was planted to confess their fictional love for the other.   Special thanks to our participants: Kaitlin Kilby Trevor Cleveland Addie...

KHS reacts to their embarrassing old tweets

Michael Teasdale, Justin Sweeney, and Chloë King

February 9, 2016

Michael Teasdale, Justin Sweeney and Chloë King had KHS students react to their old embarrassing tweets.   Special thanks to our participants: Maggie Goeppinger Ben Backer Kaitlin Kilby Mimi Wright Brynn Mayfield Bridget Mayfield

Kirkwood’s next top director

Kirkwood's next top director

Justin Sweeney, features writer

February 8, 2016

In a place where thousands of heartbroken girls were cut from auditions, Kristi Gunther flourished. Twelve years ago, Kristi Gunther, director of KHS’s freshman/sophomore play, fought for a spot on America’s Next Top Model after her New York college friends urged her to audition for the third season in 2004. A...

VOK: 1.15

VOK: 1.15

Justin Sweeney, Chloe Hooker, Mikki Philippe, and Julia Wunning-Zimmer

January 15, 2016

Chloe Hooker “When [Shannon] was younger, she loved to run around the park and she loved to chase the birds. And she would run, just run around. She’s a good dog.” -Judy McDonald Julia Wunning-Zimmer “I want cats and dogs.” -Easton Young Mikki Philippe “I’m different because I can sing and play piano without any music. I can play ...

TKC staff reacts to their first Instagram post

Michael Teasdale, Justin Sweeney, and Chloë King

December 15, 2015

Michael Teasdale, Justin Sweeney and Chloë King had Call staffers react to their first Instagram post, then challenged them to provide a new caption for the photo as if they had posted it today....

Brazil and back again

Brazil and back again

Justin Sweeney, features writer

September 29, 2015

Josh loved Brazil. Mary loves Kirkwood. For the Ralston siblings, life was turned upside down when their mother, Jennifer Ralston, accepted a new position in 2012 working for Monsanto in São Paulo, Brazil. The warm temperatures, vast wildlife and new set of international friendships led Josh Rals...

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