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Photo gallery: fashion splash Feb. 24

Olivia Rosenberger, sophomore, poses while smiling to the crowd sporting an up cycled denim skirt created by Sydney Malone, Alyssa Richardson, Satya Mueller, and Lindsey Tomlin.

Julia Knoll, photographer

March 4, 2019

The Kirkwood FACs program held the Fashion Splash in Kirkwood's natatorium Feb. 24 at 1:00 p.m. Kirkwood Students modeled clothes designed by the FACs students themselves, while students and faculty also modeled clothes made by their multiple sponsors. "The Fashion Splash was an event to showcase...

September calendar

September calendar

Delany Borella, features writer

September 7, 2016

To put a little fun back into everyone's lives, TKC compiled a September calendar full of crazy fun holidays. So with some friends, take a break and celebrate some of these wacky days. Wacky holidays can be also found on: Moon Phases September 2016, September Holidays 2016, September, 2016 Bizarr...

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Kailie Otto