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“Jesus is King” movie and album release

The film was a visual experience unlike any other. Shot on a circular lens, viewers witnessed breathtaking scenes from West’s “Sunday Services” in which his gospel choir sang tracks from his new album as well as a few hits including “Ultralight Beam” and “Street Lights.”

Lindsay McCarthy, features writer

October 31, 2019

Oct. 24, Kanye West offered showings across the country of his short movie “Jesus is King,” based on his album that was released the next day around noon. Only 35 minutes in length and accompanied by no advertisements, the film was a visual experience unlike any other. Shot on a circular lens, v...

New music releasing in 2019

Ariana Grande is expected to drop a new album titled “thank u, next” February 8th, 2019.

Riley Arns, sports writer

February 11, 2019

  For all the music enthusiasts out there, this is a comprehensive list of most of the new music that is scheduled to release this year. Ariana Grande - “thank u, next” Although Ariana Grande just released her album “Sweetener” in August 2018, she is expected to drop a new album t...

Sounds of Summer

Sounds of Summer

Bridget Killian, editor-in-chief

August 21, 2018

This summer was a time of new music. Every few weeks, it seemed as though an artist dropped their newest album for the world to hear. Ye, KIDS SEE GHOSTS, Everything is Love and Scorpion are four of the new sounds of the summer. In this review, each album was judged based on lyrics, message, the music tracks behind the lyrics, how unique it was to their previous releases and my overall impression. ...

Should one rapper really have all that power?

Should one rapper really have all that power?

Holden Foreman, web editor

November 30, 2016

Zachary Taylor, Herbert Hoover, William Taft, Ulysses Grant and Dwight Eisenhower did it. Donald Trump is trying to do it right now. But, does Kanye West, 39-year-old recording artist and entrepreneur, have what it takes to run for and become President of the United States with no previous political...

Pion-Ear: Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo

Pion-Ear: Kanye West's The Life of Pablo

Holden Foreman, entertainment editor

February 20, 2016

Wake up Mr. West. You may be a musical genius, but The Life of Pablo sounds like a cross between a barking dog and my baby sister crying. I’m halfway through the first track and you have yet to lay a verse. Wait? What’s that you say? There are 17 more songs, one of which features the greatest rapper al...

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