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Valentine’s Day couples

Valentine's Day couples

Katie Judd and Abby Geisz

February 10, 2017

Jack Adams and Callie Mechelke, juniors photo by Chloe Hooker TKC: How long have you been dating? Jack Adams: Ten months and 20-something days. Right? Callie Mechelke: I don’t really know what the date is. That works. TKC: How’d you meet? CM: This is so complicated. Do you just wanna say math class? JA: Math class. CM:Freshman year, Kriewa...

Jesus take the wheel

Jesus take the wheel

Katie Woodruff, news editor

October 15, 2015

Throughout their lives, Julia Hickman, Patty Judd and Katherine Moore, have been constantly involved in religion, just like 56 percent of students. Their time is consumed by participating in retreats, missions trips and volunteer work so according to Moore, she can apply their traditional values of faith...

Mission possible

Mission possible

Abby Geisz, features writer

September 3, 2015

Grace Jaeger and Emma Johnson, sophomores, and Katherine Moore, junior, chose to use their summer vacation to help others. Jaeger and Johnson traveled out-of-state and Moore traveled out of the country to help the world. Jaeger and Johnson, along with 37 other teenagers and nine advisors, traveled for...

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