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Unblocked games

Lizzie Stobbe

Quentin Stepp, copy editor

February 21, 2018

*This piece is entirely satirical   If your name is Eric Zigler, stop reading now. This does not concern you.   Nobody really wants to pay attention in class. Lessons haven’t been interesting since elementary school and you can just Google all the answers anyways. Thankfully, you don...

You’re being watched

You're being watched

Maggie Burton, artist

February 13, 2018

This editorial cartoon is titled, “You’re being watched,” and it is based off of the new laptops. The school has banned many websites, and it feels almost as if they are monitoring our every move. "I wanted to make the cartoon more dramatic than necessary, so I added eyes in the background for a Bi...

Blocked websites

Erin Bugee

Quentin Stepp, copy editor

February 13, 2018

*This piece is entirely satirical Ever since we first got the iPads back in the glory days of middle school, the semi-permeable membrane that is the Kirkwood firewall has protected us from harmful websites that may hinder our learning or expose our young minds to heinous things such as pornography, the...

Kirkwood High School receives MacBook Airs

Kirkwood High School  receives MacBook Airs

Emma Lingo and Grace Klebe

January 29, 2018

Are you reading this on one of the new MacBook Airs the school just gave you for free? Interested in learning more about it? Check out this video for all the information, as well as the opinions of students and teachers.

Laptop distribution to KHS students will be Thursday, Jan. 11

Laptop distribution to KHS students will be Thursday, Jan. 11

Kelley Cochran and Anthony Speech

December 15, 2017

After the KHS department chair meeting on Dec. 13, 2017, Dr. Havener reported that KHS students will receive their new Macbook Airs during homeroom on Thursday, Jan. 11. Students need to turn in their iPads before they leave for winter recess so KSD can sell them back to Apple. Here are the instructions...



Annie O'Brien, news-features editor

October 24, 2017

Your teacher tells the class to take out their iPads and you hear grumbling around the room. While technology generally has some kinks to be worked out, students have to spend time trying to figure out their iPads in class or trudging down to the tech desk in the library. School Wi-Fi can be questionable...

I’ve pad it

I've pad it

Fitz Cain, features writer

October 3, 2017

Dear KHS Administration,   It has come to my attention that there has been discussion of removing the most valuable and useful tool we have here at KHS: our iPad Minis. I am not only offended but downright disgusted that you would sabotage my learning experience like this. Shame on you. ...

What you need to know about the iPad-laptop debate at KHS

photo courtesy of Google under the Creative Commons License

Hannah Cohen, editor-in-chief

August 25, 2017

Two days ago, Aug. 22, 2017, The Kirkwood Call’s Twitter account posted a poll asking, “Would you rather have your own laptops or iPads at KHS?” The final results of the poll indicated 90 percent (595/661) chose laptops. When the poll was released, there were unanswered questions about the brand an...

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