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Letter to the Editor: Mental health at KHS

Letter to the Editor: Mental health at KHS

Camille Baker, editor-in-chief

March 14, 2018

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TKC received the following letter from KHS graduate, Nathan Curtis, March 7. The letter is addressed to KHS staff and students.   Staff and students of Kirkwood High School, If you’re looking for an angry letter venting and throwing blame, this letter will most likely disappoint you. I’m...

Senior Column: Ali Randazzo

Senior Column: Ali Randazzo

Ali Randazzo, editor-in-chief

May 10, 2017

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A letter to big sisters from little sisters To all big sisters, As a little sister, our job is to annoy you. That’s a given. We may not call enough or answer your texts. We may be over 100 miles away and not live across the hall from each other anymore. But no matter the situation, it’s a g...

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