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When gifted is lifted

When gifted is lifted

Izzy Colón, news-features writer

May 18, 2017

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In first grade, my parents decided to enroll me in KSD in search of a challenge. I had gone to St. Clement of Rome the year before, but my parents felt the curriculum was a bad fit for me. I began school at Westchester Elementary. During my time at Westchester, I was tested for the gifted program three ti...

The four-one-one on fours

The four-one-one on fours

Izzy Colón, writer

May 24, 2016

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Lilly Schlarman walked into English class, her feet drag behind her as she walked, eyes barely open. Regardless of her early morning drowsiness she remembered the class will be starting a project. As she approached her desk, she noticed a yellow sheet of paper on top of it. As she got closer she be...

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