The Kirkwood Call

VOK: 12.20

VOK: 12.20

Christian Heutel, Michael Teasdale, Izzy Colón, Anna Claire Kilcoyne, and Shae Look

December 20, 2016

Willie Parks: TKC: What is the craziest experience you’ve had as a walking counselor? Parks: “I did have to come across a lunch table to grab a girl from jumping on a guy during lunch. She was probably about 4 foot 5 and 80 pounds, she was feisty though. She wouldn’t stop so I ended up c...

‘The Divide.’ – Achievement Gap

'The Divide.' - Achievement Gap

Anna Mullendore, features writer

March 12, 2015

*Disclaimer: The people selected to be interviewed were chosen on the basis of their races, ages, genders, and titles, as a way to showcase a variety of perspectives on the topic.

Hairway to heaven

Name: “Blue” 
“The red was too expensive.”

Sam Balmer and Mara Hockerman

September 25, 2014

Hair: the ultimate form of self-expression. Afros, undercuts, the “I woke up like this" look, the visible spectrum of colors and overall luscious locks adorn the heads of students and teachers, vastly contrasting the restrictions some schools place on appearance. TKC sets out to find those individuals...

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