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Senior column: Brian Goyda

Senior column: Brian Goyda

Brian Goyda, web design editor

May 14, 2016

The most magical place on Earth isn’t school; it’s Disney World. Everyone is always shocked when I tell them how many times I’ve been and for those of you wondering, I’ve been 23 times. People’s faces shift from shock to confusion and the question, “Why?” soon follows. It’s hard to gi...

Senior column: Mary Pollmann

Senior column: Mary Pollmann

Mary Pollmann, business editor

May 13, 2016

Three liters of fluid were pumped into me and five vials of blood were taken. I was mentally struggling to overcome all the challenges I had been faced with. The annoyance of not knowing what was wrong with me was exhausting. But after several tests and a few days of torturous waiting, the problem was...

Senior column: MIZ-IDK

Gabi Akrap, features

April 28, 2015

Every year there seems to be an abundance of KHS seniors that will be attending Mizzou the upcoming fall, and everyone makes it out to be a bad thing. Comments such as, “Your high school reputation will follow you,” “Everyone from Kirkwood goes there” and “You won’t meet new people” are...

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