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The fate of hate

Maisie Bradley and Izzy Colón November 18, 2018

With colors of the rainbow flooding the street, counter protestors lined up outside of John Burroughs High School March 12 of last year. They were there for Jake Bain, a star football player who had recently...

TKC tries foreign candy

TKC tries foreign candy

Annie O'Brien, news-features editor January 26, 2018

TKC decided to head to Global Foods and search for some interesting candy from different countries. What followed was an unusual taste test, to say the least.     Music: Fretless...

Commander in cleats

Commander in cleats

Christian Heutel and Maisie Bradley November 8, 2016

TKC staffers Christian Heutel and Maisie Bradley reflect on past presidents and candidate’s athletic careers prior to working in politics. 1. Before Gerald Ford entered the oval office, his name was...

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