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Top five opinions stories of 2020

Students use #BlackAtMizzou to share their experiences of injustice, racism and prejudice at MU.
TKC Staff January 21, 2021

Call me by my name - Malcia Greene An ode to historical black colleges and universities - Kiden-Aloyse Smith #BlackAtMizzou – The Kirkwood Call - Caroline Steidley Political Issue: Survivor’s...

Senior Column: Malcia Greene

Truth be told, I’ve enjoyed being the jester and not always the ringmaster.
Malcia Greene, associate editor June 11, 2020

College: University of Missouri Major: Journalism  “Steve,” my mom stammered. “Have you seen our daughter’s Instagram?” My dad had not. “Clown College ’24” my new bio proudly...

The 1619 Project

"The 1619 Project is an ongoing initiative from The New York Times Magazine that began in August 2019, the 400th anniversary of the beginning of American slavery. It aims to reframe the country’s history...

Show me

Think cultural appropriation in St. Louis doesn't exist? Think again.
Malcia Greene, associate editor March 25, 2020

Missouri: The Show-Me State. One of these days it’s bound to start living up to its nickname, right? All I want is for someone to show me. Show me that we’re done taking what’s not ours from minorities....

Call me by my name

As miniscule as it may seem, there’s a feeling of belonging when a person carries something that distinguishes them as otherwise different.
Malcia Greene, associate editor March 3, 2020

I like hearing my name said aloud. No, not because it sounds like my parents threw together a couple sounds in the waiting room of a hospital 17 years ago or because it’s “difficult to pronounce.”...

Top five opinions stories of 2019

Staffers work each cycle to produce columns on thought-provoking issues, aiming to start conversations and establish diversity in opinions.
TKC Staff December 16, 2019

TKC’s opinions section is a platform for all voices to be heard. Staffers work each cycle to produce columns on thought-provoking issues, aiming to start conversations and establish diversity in...

The Brain Issue: Very superstitious

As the saying goes,
Malcia Greene, associate editor November 5, 2019

Step on a crack, break your mother’s back. At 6 years old, this so-called harmless saying instilled the fear of God in me. After all, how was a child supposed to know it was nothing more than an innocent...

VoK: Greg Nicholson

“He’s an all-around good guy,” Nevins said. “He’s super active and reaches out to students to really get to know them, [rather than] just coming in for a day as a babysitter.
Malcia Greene, associate editor October 27, 2019
Do you have a favorite sub that you have always wanted to know more about? Was that sub Mr. Nicholson? If so, check out this feature on him to learn more.

Should we eat breakfast?

Is breakfast truly the most important meal of the day?
October 7, 2019

Tibi(a) or not tibi(a)

Find out what messages your body is conveying based on the nonverbals you're exhibiting.
Malcia Greene, associate editor August 26, 2019

Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter: a high schooler’s hub for the latest scoop. Don’t get me wrong, I love social media as much as the next teenager, but when it comes to one’s true feelings for me,...

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