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Stampede: use this guide to properly navigate KHS

photo courtesy of Kirkwood High School

Maddie Hawes, associate editor

August 24, 2018

  It’s 12:55 p.m., lunch just ended and now you have to sprint to Spanish class. You leave your friends to start down the social studies hallway and you find yourself stuck in a huge clustered mob of wild boars squeezing themselves down the most narrow hallway in the school. Skip the socia...

Mr. Greg Booth

May 3, 2018

 Art by Celia Bergman 25 years of teaching at KHS TKC: What are your plans for retirement? Booth: I am going to buy a building and put in a studio and go be an artist. TKC: What is your favorite memory at KHS? Booth: I’ve really liked teaching. That’s been very nice, to have a career that you enjoy and I’ve loved ...

Quiz: can you pass a third grade math exam?

Quiz: can you pass a third grade math exam?

Naomi Blair, news writer

May 3, 2016

  Do you think you have the ability to pass a third grade math exam? Test your knowledge with simple math problems and see if you remember anything from elementary school.    ...

The algorithm of Annie Bryan

The algorithm of Annie Bryan

Naomi Blair, news writer

April 27, 2016

Eight-year-old Annie Bryan sat next to her grandfather, writing multiplication problems on a yellow legal notepad. As a person suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, her grandfather lost the ability to talk. He communicated to Annie through mathematics. This was their secret language, spoken t...

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