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Smooth sailing with smoothie selling

Mollie Lodde, junior, Kaleigh Bendoff, sophomore, and Audrey Scherr, freshman, participate in the advanced marketing Smoothie King promotion Wednesday, Sept. 20. Every year, advanced marketing hosts this benefit to support the Pioneer School of Business.

Megan Cleveland, features writer

September 21, 2017

For the past seven years the pioneer school of business and Smoothie King have collaborated to promote the Smoothie King brand to the student body and let students experience the process of real-world business. During both lunches, the advanced marketing students hosted booths for students to win free sample smoothies on Wednesday, Sept. 20. This event not only benefits Smoothie King by advertising through the student body, but it also exposes business students to the reality of marketing. “We mainly do this to help raise awareness to our brand in general and each year w...

Sweating to graduate

“[School sports should not be a P.E. credit] because people are choosing to do that,” Mollie Lodde, sophomore said. “People are choosing to [participate] in school sports and P.E. class is mandatory.”

Claire Boysen, opinions writer

December 16, 2016

  Running, running and more running. Gym is one of those things that people either love or hate, and if you happen to hate it, the fact that you need one credit (two semesters) of gym to graduate doesn’t sound like fun. Or maybe you just have absolutely no time in your school schedule to take...

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