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The Fabulous Fox Theater 2018-19 season

The Fabulous Fox Theater 2018-19 season

Grace Klebe, entertainment writer

May 1, 2018

Love Never Dies September 18-30 This brand-new sequel to the award-winning show “Phantom of the Opera” is the first show to hit the Fox Theater stage this season. In 1907,10 years after the Phantom of the Opera left to pursue a new life in New York, star Christine Daae travels to the city to ...

The Fabulous Fox Theater 2017-18 Season

Emma Verrill

Grace Klebe, Entertainment

August 28, 2017

  If you're a musical fanatic, you probably know all the words to the shows that will be staged at The Fox Theatre this season. But if you aren’t in the know, then maybe this will inspire you to branch out of your comfort zone and explore the world of musical theatre.   INSIDER ...

Seven STL must-dos before you graduate

Seven STL must-dos before you graduate

Erin Kelly, managing editor

May 8, 2017

With only three days left in my high school career and about three months before I head to Middlebury College in Vermont, it’s impossible not to reminisce about my time here in Kirkwood. I’ve made some great memories, doing everything from organizing a recreational basketball team with TKC friends to visiting the Gateway Arch with family. Before I leave, I’d like ...



Maddie Hawes, writer

May 24, 2016

Michael and Jane Banks sing their hearts out, pleading for a new nanny to come. Once they finish their song, they turn to look as their new nanny magically floats into the room. With pointed feet and sleek umbrella drawn, Mary makes her signature flight on the stage; in KHS's recent production of Mary Po...

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