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Photo Gallery: 2020 Graduation

Amelia Hurley, De Lila Green, and Ella Davies July 24, 2020

The KHS class of 2020 had their graduation ceremony on Saturday, July 11. Graduates were spaced six feet apart outdoors at the KHS football field in order to maintain social distancing. Dr. Michael Havener,...

Aaron Stiegletz, senior, smiles at camera from sunroof.

Photo Gallery: 2020 Senior Parade May 9

Sophie Smith, photographer May 14, 2020

Kirkwood School District provided the KHS Seniors with a parade on May 9th, to honor their graduation ceremony which was canceled due to COVID-19. With social distancing guidelines in place, the seniors...

KHS roof tour

KHS roof tour

Jack Anderson and Naomi Thomson March 11, 2020

Watch as Mike Wade, KHS sophomore principal, gives TKC an exclusive tour of the many sections to KHS' roof. Students are reminded that any unauthorized access to the roof is illegal and can lead to punishment...

Nathan Demetri, senior, celebrates the moment he was announced as Mr. KHS.

Photo Gallery: Mr. KHS

De Lila Green, Photographer February 8, 2020

Mr. KHS was held Jan. 30 in the Keating Theatre. A pageant type event where boys representing different clubs get on stage and perform different tasks in hopes of winning over the judges and the audience. "I...

The junior sections sings along to Hail Kirkwood High School.

Photo Gallery: pep rally Nov. 26

Sophia Beckmann and De Lila Green November 30, 2019

The annual in school KHS fall pep rally was held Nov. 26. The students watched seniors skits, danced to the band, and screamed their classes battle cries. "I really like being able to feel like I'm...

Ben Voller, senior, has been involved in Kirkwoods gifted program since fifth grade.

Those who did (and didn’t) SOAR

Naomi Thomson, business editor November 7, 2019

If you attended grade school in the Kirkwood School District, the terms “REACH” or “SOAR” may be familiar to you. The mentioning of these programs could spark nostalgia or confusion at being left...

The bowl of left over clay from the 5th period projects sits in the back of the room.

Photo Gallery: 5th hour ceramics class

De Lila Green, Photographer October 2, 2019

In ceramics class students learn to work with clay in many ways, and this week they learned about scoring. Jason Hoeing, the ceramics teacher, taught the students how to connect the pieces of clay together. ...

Hot sauce challenge part 3

Hot sauce challenge part 3

Grace Klebe May 16, 2019
Watch TKC try the Foo Foo Mama Choo hot sauce from High River Sauces.
Megan Cleveland, junior, and Naomi Thomson, junior, stand arm-in-arm as they perform kicks.

Photo gallery: Kirkwood varsity poms competition Dec. 1

Julia Knoll, photographer December 6, 2018

The Kirkwood Varsity poms team had their first competition of the season on Sat. Dec. 12. at Lindbergh High School, where they placed 3rd overall. "[This season] has been going really well, this team...

TKC podcast: meme culture in 2018

TKC podcast: meme culture in 2018

Benji Wilton, Carter Philipp, and Naomi Thomson November 16, 2018

Disclaimer: this episode contains language that may be offensive to some listeners. Why is internet humor so unique? Why have memes enthralled our society? In this podcast, Benji Wilton, Carter Philipp...

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