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I had an epiphany about homework recently that I didn’t realize a year ago: I spend more time complaining about my assignments than actually doing them.

Senior column: Nathan Sweeney

Nathan Sweeney, features + in-depth editor May 4, 2022

College: University of Arkansas Major: Business I wrote a piece for TKC last year called “Homework sucks, and I’m done doing it.”  I stand by that statement.  Well, the first part anyway....

Pep nation decides who wins $20. Only one can win.

Six pep nation members decide who wins $20

Nathan Sweeney, Emma Patt, and De Lila Green March 28, 2022

Six members of pep nation must decide who gets $20. Only one can win.

As Harry Styles graced the December 2020 Vogue cover wearing a lacy, baby-blue dress with black detailing on the edging, all hell broke loose.

Top five opinions stories of 2021

TKC Staff January 4, 2022

TKC doesn't shy away from having strong opinions and firmly believes in voicing a variety of thoughts. From columns about politics to opinion stories about mental health, here are the top five opinions...

Follow along this quiz to see your result. Design by Nathan Sweeney. Art by Janine Gassel.

Which grade should you really be in?

Nathan Sweeney, features + in-depth editor August 25, 2021

COVID-19 has thrown us all for a loop. As we (hopefully) return to a more normal school year, nobody knows where they stand, since seniors are the only ones who have completed a year of regular high school....

Nearly everyone dreams of being TikTok famous. But which current famous Tiktok creator are you truly most similar to?

Which famous TikTok creator are you?

Nathan Sweeney, features writer February 21, 2021

By this point, nearly everyone has TikTok downloaded on their phone. Some have even developed a borderline unhealthy addiction to it. And since you’ve most likely dreamed of TikTok stardom at some point,...

At the start of the new year, dozens of beloved shows and movies were purged from Netflix. Which ones will KHS students miss the most?

New year, new Netflix

Nathan Sweeney, features writer February 2, 2021

At midnight on December 31, 2020, while the world celebrated the start of a new year, Netflix enthusiasts watched as nearly 50 shows and movies were purged from the streaming service in a matter of seconds....

Students use #BlackAtMizzou to share their experiences of injustice, racism and prejudice at MU.

Top five opinions stories of 2020

TKC Staff January 21, 2021

Call me by my name - Malcia Greene An ode to historical black colleges and universities - Kiden-Aloyse Smith #BlackAtMizzou – The Kirkwood Call - Caroline Steidley Political Issue: Survivor’s...

Xander Piskulic, senior, holds back Cooper Menne, sophomore, in a scene at a cast rehearsal outside KHS.

The Birds: Feathered costumes and clear masks

Nathan Sweeney, features writer October 27, 2020

If you’ve strolled past the amphitheater at Kirkwood Park lately, you may have noticed a group of students running across the stage while screeching human-generated bird calls. This is the KH Players...

If youve got an opinion, youre going to need some help surviving this political climate.

Political Issue: Survivor’s guide to having an opinion

Nathan Sweeney, features writer October 25, 2020

So, you have an opinion. Great! As long as you don’t share it with anybody, you should be fine. At least that’s one trick I’ve picked up in a country where political arguments always end in yelling,...

There are always opportunities to expand your horizons and meet new people. From Anime Club to Youth in Government, there are over 55 clubs to try out at KHS!

Getting involved

Nathan Sweeney, features writer August 24, 2020

Everyone loves to give the annoyingly vague advice to “get involved” in some sort of extracurricular at school, but they conveniently never want to help you decide what to get involved in. Luckily,...

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