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Quiz: Which Netflix show do you belong in?

Take this quiz to find out which Netflix show your truly belong in. Art by Elena Sherwood.

Megan Glasgow, features writer

May 6, 2020

We’ve all imagined waking up in our favorite TV show, but have you ever wondered which one you actually belong in? Whether your calling is battling a demogorgon with Eleven and Mike or cruising through NYC with Chuck Bass, you definitely need to know which alternate reality fits you best. Since you’re stuck at home and you know you have nothing...

Tiger king review


Kinley Bokermann, writer

May 4, 2020

Netflix’s “Tiger King” has taken the world by storm during quarantine and it is clear why. Think of the craziest, most interesting story possible. Whatever imagined is nowhere near as fascinating as “Tiger King.” Honestly, I don’t know where to start without making it sound like complete ins...

Winter Survival Guide

Post-Christmas winter is boring, dreary and stressful. Here's a guide to get you through it.

Megan Glasgow, features writer

January 19, 2020

*This story is entirely satirical. Now that the excitement of the winter holidays is wearing off, the harshest months of the year have finally arrived. January: the month of sickness, stress and slipping on ice. The only thing making winter bearable are snow days, and those are falling fewer and ...

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Charlotte Heinrich, features + in-depth editor

September 5, 2018

Art by Thora Pearson If you’ve taken even just one scroll through VSCO, checked your Instagram explore page or opened Netflix within the past two weeks, you’ve caught a glimpse of it. A stylish asian girl with a tall brunette boy? Something about love letters, or maybe even a ski trip? Sinc...

Netflix: Manipulating media

Netflix: Manipulating media

Adler Bowman, features editor

November 21, 2017

No cursing between 6 a.m. - 10 p.m. Comedies are 30 minutes, dramas must be double that. This sounds strict, but these are the regulations the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has forced upon every network television program since the birth of TV. Until now. Netflix, as it develops original c...

Stranger Things 2 recap and review

Stranger Things 2 recap and review

Emma Lingo, news-features writer

November 15, 2017

Last season, “Stranger Things,” an American sci-fi TV show that premiered in 2016, opened with a lab experiment gone wrong and the disappearance of a young boy, Will Byers. The abduction of Will and the lab’s failure to keep their experiments contained sets up for an eerie and enthralling first season...

Top 5 underrated shows to watch on Netflix

Top 5 underrated shows to watch on Netflix

Alyssa Fox, web staffer

March 12, 2017

While in the midst of spring break, what’s the point in being productive? It’s just not gonna happen, so TKC is here to help with the top five underrated shows to watch on Netflix. 1. Parenthood (2010). There is no going wrong with this one. Not only does this show have terrific actors such...

Are you really still watching Netflix?

Are you really still watching Netflix?

Will Drury, opinions writer

April 12, 2016

“Are you still watching The Office?” If you own a Netflix account, this isn’t the first time you’ve seen this message. Maybe it wasn’t The Office, but there has probably been a time when you watched a show for so long that Netflix begins to question whether you’re still alive. Not having to...

Quiz: what show you should you watch next on Netflix?

Quiz: what show you should you watch next on Netflix?

Emily Mitchell, news writer

January 26, 2015

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