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Surviving winter on accutane

Surviving winter on accutane
Rachel Finan and Maya Kim March 2, 2020

The sixth month process of Accutane can start to feel like a year especially during the winter. When the dry season hits, chapped lips seem unmanageable and your skin might feel like a dried piece of fruit....

How long will your New Year’s Resolution last?

Take this quiz to figure out how long you will keep your resolutions.
Kailey Shirrell, opinions writer January 28, 2020

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30 winter activities to try this season

From ice skating to seeing a show at the Fox, the possibilities for how to spend winter are endless.
Catherine Butler and Olivia Silvey January 13, 2020

Making the switch from summer to winter is difficult, especially in Missouri when the temperature can plummet 40 degrees within 48 hours. In summer, anything feels possible — days are sunny and hopeful,...

Nine fashion trend predictions of 2019

Nine fashion trend predictions of 2019

*this piece is entirely satirical With a new year comes new fads and trends. Last year, many fashion trends erupted. This year, they are only getting better. Here are nine fashion trends the TKC art...

5 ways to reduce stress in 2019

art by Grace Ferguson
Annie O'Brien, health and wellness editor January 14, 2019

With a constant stream of New Year’s resolutions flooding Instagram and Twitter feeds, it’s easy to feel like you’re drowning in a sea of expectations. The school year is halfway over, and your teachers...

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