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How to stay motivated during e-Learning

Planning out your weekly work makes it seem more manageable.
Lydia Cohen, print + web managing editor November 2, 2020

Three hundred and sixty minutes. That’s how long students may spend sitting at a desk on Zoom each school day. The excessive time staring at a computer screen while learning remotely takes a toll on...

What’s on the mind of the students at KHS?

Students are overwhelmed by everything going on in the news and media
Kailey Shirrell, news editor October 20, 2020

The crushing hopelessness of seeing other people suffer, and knowing that you can do nothing to help them or change the situation. The wildfires in California are specifically scary for me. It stresses...

Dr. Havener’s advice for freshmen

Dr. Havener advises freshmen to get involved in extracurriculars at KHS.
Lily Bartin, web editor August 25, 2020

The transition into high school can feel daunting, and with the shift to online learning the change may seem all the more overwhelming. But as bad as freshman year is made out to be, with a bit of guidance...

E-Learning cannot hurt prior grades, and other online learning updates

KSD has begun to reopen the KHS campus for in-person learning.
Olivia Silvey and Kate Schreiber March 26, 2020

As KSD transitions to online school, the administration decided that grades received during this period of “e-Learning” can only help, not hurt, students’ overall class grades. In a document outlining...

Online school to begin Thursday, March 26

Dr. Michele Condon shared more information about online school and more in an email to TKC.
Lydia Cohen, Kate Schreiber, and Olivia Silvey March 16, 2020

In an email to TKC, Dr. Michele Condon, KSD superintendent, outlined further steps the district will take to ensure stability and health in the coming weeks. There will be two “snow days” on March...


Charlotte Heinrich, features + in-depth editor August 27, 2018

A shiny pack of black ballpoint pens, some crisp looseleaf and maybe even a new backpack if mom is feeling generous. As morning alarms are dialed back from 10 a.m. to 6 a.m, items like these drop into...

Newer doesn’t always mean better

Newer doesn't always mean better
Will Drury, opinions writer September 27, 2015

A groan arises from the class as the teacher tells the students to pull out their iPads for the day’s lesson. “An IT guy came in this morning and said the internet should finally be working, so...

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