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Dismantling toxic masculinity

Toxic masculinity is about social constructs – the idea embedded in our culture that masculinity should be defined as strength.
Sim Khanuja, opinions writer November 7, 2020

“Be a man.”  This phrase has been thrown around aimlessly for ages. Even as a teenage girl, I’ve heard these words directed at boys and men around me countless times. “Boys don’t cry,”...

Joe Biden for presidency

Joe Biden for presidency
Maddie Hickman, health + wellness writer October 22, 2020

"If we give Donald Trump eight years in the White House, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation, who we are, and I cannot stand by and watch that happen," Democratic presidential...

Political Issue: Trump: our commander in tweets

It doesn’t matter who you are: If Trump likes what you have to say, he will amplify your message. And he won’t hesitate to use exclamation points. 
Kate Schreiber, features + in-depth editor October 21, 2020

*Opinion “Covfefe.”  One misspelled word in a 12:06 a.m. tweet sent the Twitter world into a storm in May 2017. Many users tried to figure out what it meant. Some suggested it become the name...

It happened, and I’m stronger because of it.

Kara and I wanted to show how emotionally manipulative partners in relationships control their partners similar to how puppeteers maneuver marionettes.
Maddie Hawes, associate editor March 25, 2019

There came a point where whenever he’d embrace me, I’d grow tense. I never knew if he’d try to force me to do something I didn’t want to do. When I was in his arms, I felt trapped. I anticipated...

The leftie struggle

The leftie struggle
Grace Klebe, news editor March 5, 2019

I peaked in middle school

I peaked in middle school
Allie Hickenbotham, copy editor February 28, 2018

art by Celia Bergman *This piece is entirely satirical When people hear the words “middle school” they cringe, gag and maybe even faint. However, I am not one of those people. Those were the best...

Never too cool for school

Never too cool for school
Allie Hickenbotham, copy editor August 31, 2017

I’m getting antsy even as I write this because of how excited I am to be back at school. The majority of students dread going back, but not me. I mean, what’s so awful about waking up to see the sun...

Call Ed: Endorsing a future with promise

Call Ed: Endorsing a future with promise
TKC Staff November 7, 2016

“Well, at least she’s not Trump.” Those were the first sentences spoken in each of our editorial discussions on this topic, as if he was some sort of boogeyman whose very name alone should elicit...

This is what a feminist looks like

This is what a feminist looks like
Jack Rintoul, opinions writer September 30, 2016

I am male. I am white. I am straight. I am a feminist. And you should be too. Feminism, or the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of social and economic equality to men, is nothing more than...

Call Ed: “To thine own self be true”

Call Ed:
TKC Staff September 29, 2016

As journalists, we love to write. We love to create. We love to paint the world how it really is: the good, the bad and the ugly. We’re here to watch students climb the highest mountains and help catch...

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