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KHS 2019-2020 top memories

The Kirkwood Student Section participates in the iconic powder throw.

Ella Davies, photographer

April 30, 2020

Kirkwood has brought some amazing memories through out the year, from pep rally's to powder throws, we've proved ourselves as one of most enthusiastic schools in St. Louis. Mike Wade, 2022 class principal, described some of his favorite memories from this past year at Kirkwood. "One of my favorite...

Photo Gallery: pep rally Nov. 26

The junior sections sings along to

Sophia Beckmann and De Lila Green

November 30, 2019

The annual in school KHS fall pep rally was held Nov. 26. The students watched seniors skits, danced to the band, and screamed their classes battle cries. "I really like being able to feel like I'm apart of the excitement around pep rallies, being that I'm there to pump up the crowd," Gabrielle Cannon,...

Photo Gallery: pep rally Nov. 27

Abbey Siegel, senior, leads the pommies during their dance at the pep rally.

Annie George and Ella Davies

November 30, 2019

On Wednesday, Nov. 27 KHS hosted a pep rally to support the football team before the Turkey Day game. The school and community came together to cheer on the football team for the game against rival Webster. The seniors performed their senior skits, the band played, the pommies and cheerleader performed...

Seniors’ last Turkey Day Week

Seniors' last Turkey Day Week

Katie Judd, copy editor

November 26, 2017

  This timeline walks you through Turkey Day Week with the 2018 senior class including hallway decorations, the pep rally, the senior skit and their final Turkey Day Game as a KHS students. ...

VoK: Tacky Day

VoK: Tacky Day

Emma Lingo and Ally Ortmann

November 20, 2017

Julie Healey “I never pass up a chance to wear fashion-forward outfits,” Julie Healey, librarian, said. “[My chicken feet shoes] are hard to wear, but they are noticeable. Orange is a glorious color and I look forward to being able to wear orange [on Tacky Day] every year.” John Longti...

Turkey Day week schedule

Turkey Day week schedule

Logan Crews, opinions writer

November 21, 2016

‘Twas the night before Turkey Day week when all through KHS, not a student was stirring as they were getting their rest. The hallway decor lay ready for use, before 2:40 p.m. on Monday when all classes let loose. Encouragement for the football team posted about the school, cheering on the players to make...

Turkey Day Week Recap

Junior Macy Robbins during varsity cheer performance at the Turkey Day pep rally.

Jordan Roundtree & Lauryn Miller, Photographer

December 10, 2015

In Kirkwood there is tradition greater than all that surrounds Thanksgiving. The legendary Turkey Day game and all the festivities that come with it are second to none. The excitement ranges from hallway decoration competitions between classes to playing Webster for the Frisco Bell on Thanksgiving Day. Th...

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