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Donald Douglas: Not your average officer

KHS School Resource Officer (SRO) Donald Douglas strives to make emotional connections and be a positive influence for all students.
Megan Glasgow, features + in-depth editor November 13, 2020

Donald Douglas has answered patrol calls ranging from bloody noses to violent abuse. He works 12-hour shifts patrolling the community. His uniform is solid black, and he carries a belt complete with a...

STL sex trafficking scandals

Websites such as Backpage have allowed sex trafficking to enter our everyday lives.
Amelia Hurley, features + in-depth editor April 15, 2020

*This story contains anonymous sources. *Katie was on the honor roll at her local high school; many of her peers liked her, but Katie lacked something: a father. He didn’t come home often, but when...

Police Beat 9/30-10/6

During the week of Sept. 30th through Oct. 6th, along with regular calls for service and traffic enforcement, the Kirkwood Police Department responded to 9 residential / business alarms, 18 motor vehicle accidents and assisted the Fire / EMS Department on 57 calls. 
TKC Staff October 18, 2019
Police beat for Sept. 30- Oct. 6

Spike in car break-ins

“Lock your cars and if you see anything suspicious, whether it be during the morning or evenings, contact us,” Officer Douglas said.
Claire Boysen, print managing editor April 19, 2019

As the weather gets warmer, car break-ins increase, according to Officer Donald Douglas, Student Resource Officer (SRO). People who leave their cars unlocked and with valuables visible in their car are...

Police Beat: 12/10-12/16

Police Beat: 12/10-12/16
TKC Staff January 15, 2019

Des Peres Police Department   On Monday, December 10, 2018, larceny report from a building 11600 block of Serama Dr. Package was taken from a mailbox shipped by FedEx and USPS did the final...

Police Beat: 12/3-12/9

Police Beat: 12/3-12/9
TKC Staff January 14, 2019

Des Peres Police Department   On Monday, December 3, 2018, several females stole clothing from a store in West County Center and fled the area. Report was taken. On Monday, December 3, 2018,...

Policing the minority with the majority

art by Cate McCandless
Jonathan Munroe, news writer December 12, 2018

Officer Yvonne Bonner has been in law enforcement for the past 25 years, starting at Northwoods Police Department then moving to her current position at the Kirkwood Police Department (KPD). Bonner worked...

Your political tweets are toxic to democracy

art by Sarah Nash
Austin Cleveland, sports writer December 11, 2018

If you back the second amendment, then you are a Republican. If you support proposition C, then you are a Democrat. If you just Google searched proposition C, or the second amendment, then you probably...

Police Beat: 11/26-12/2

Police Beat: 11/26-12/2
TKC Staff December 10, 2018

Des Peres Police Department   On Monday, November 26, 2018, suspicious unoccupied vehicle with an attachment for a wanted subject from St. Peters Police Department. The subject was taken into...

Police Beat: 11/19-11/25

Police Beat: 11/19-11/25
TKC Staff December 10, 2018

Des Peres Police Department   On Monday, November 19, 2018, suspect left the scene of an accident in the 12000 block of Manhattan Place. Property damage to fence and yards and managed to exit...

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