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The not-so-great American melting pot

The not-so-great American melting pot

Jack Rintoul, opinions writer

November 7, 2016

The first thing I learned about immigration was in the song “Great American Melting Pot” by Schoolhouse Rock. I learned America doesn’t have just one race. Almost everyone's family started somewhere else and immigrated to the United States in search of new opportunities. The lyrics taught me to ...

The race to Washington

The race to Washington

Ryan Davidson, design editor

March 28, 2016

President William Henry Harrison was inarguably our first truly great chief executive. Who’s to say he wasn’t great? He held office for only 32 days, so he really had no time to mess things up. President James Buchanan nearly did the impossible in attempting to avoid an inevitable Civil War, and...

It’s time to stump the Trump

It's time to stump the Trump

Alexa Kannenberg, web managing editor

March 10, 2016

Dear anyone planning to vote for Donald Trump in the Missouri open primary on March 15, Let me start off by saying that I tend to lean right on most economic issues and some social issues, but by no means would I refer to myself as a "right-wingin', bitter-clingin', proud clinger of our guns, our God, and ...

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