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The cost of music: priceless

The cost of music: priceless

Thomas Birmingham, news-features writer

April 7, 2017

  Luckily, Proposition K has passed, but this story serves as a reminder of the importance of the measure within the school district. Right now, there are over 290 third and fourth graders scattered across the district with a growing sense of excitement about the upcoming school year. Their ...

VoK: Proposition K

Dan holds up a Prop K flyer and explains elements of the proposition.

Hannah Cohen, Will Drury, Quentin Stepp, and Maddie Hawes

March 22, 2017

TKC staffers went around Downtown Kirkwood to find community members and discuss Proposition K (Prop K) with them. Prop K is a 46-cent tax increase for those living in the vicinity of the Kirkwood School District (KSD). There are different views on this tax increase in comparison to KSD and their nee...

Everything is Proposition A-OK

Everything is Proposition A-OK

Will Drury, copy editor

March 10, 2017

*This blog is entirely satirical and not intended to offend our audience. After Proposition A failed to pass almost two years ago, KSD has seen a number of major changes as a result of a finite budget. Although it initially seemed like these changes were for the worse, after two years of adjustment, it’s...

How well do you know Prop K?

Maisie Bradley, sports writer

March 3, 2017

The Kirkwood community members will vote on Prop K, an operating tax levy for KSD. This new proposition comes after the failure of Prop A, a proposed operating tax levy of $0.78 per 100 dollars of assessed property value. If Prop K fails, it would cause major cuts to KSD. Take this quiz on Prop K information provided by KSD Community Relations and Development Department Office to figure out just ...

Still a destination district?

Still a destination district?

Abby Carpenter, news-features editor

March 2, 2017

KSD board of Education approved Proposition A, an operating tax increase of 78 cents per 100 dollars of assessed value, July 20, 2015. Proposition A was voted down by the Kirkwood community on Nov. 3, 2015. In December 2015, 52 staff positions were cut throughout the district. Proposition K, a tax levy...

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