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The Brain Issue: Love at first fight

Dating types exist, and our current partners are more likely to resemble our exes than we would care to admit.

Ally Ortmann, associate editor

November 5, 2019

Dating types exist, and our current partners are more likely to resemble our exes than we would care to admit.

How to actually find your soulmate

How to actually find your soulmate

Maisie Bradley, PR Editor

April 25, 2019

*This piece is entirely satirical With the surge of homecoming proposal posters behind us, it’s easy to feel yourself get discouraged of ever finding true love, especially since we all know how perfect each one of those relationships has been for our peers. As far as I’m concerned, one of those poster...

Go ask your mom

In our household, my moms work very hard to parent each of us to our own needs.

Olivia Silvey, staff designer

March 31, 2019

We were in the car driving back from one of my weekly therapy sessions, and my mom started talking about Suzan, her best friend at the time. She took a deep breath and said she had to tell me something. “Suzan and I… are dating,” she said. “I knew it! I knew it!” (because I had, in fact, pre...

It happened, and I’m stronger because of it.

Kara and I wanted to show how emotionally manipulative partners in relationships control their partners similar to how puppeteers maneuver marionettes.

Maddie Hawes, associate editor

March 25, 2019

There came a point where whenever he’d embrace me, I’d grow tense. I never knew if he’d try to force me to do something I didn’t want to do. When I was in his arms, I felt trapped. I anticipated his next attempt to pressure me or move my hand for me. I was always on guard.   I remember know...

It’s a date

“I feel like even if you date someone and it goes terribly wrong it teaches you something,” Finley said.

Grace Fearheiley, web staffer

March 15, 2019

Most high schoolers have heard an older figure in their lives say they are too young to be in a serious relationship or in love. According to Eileen Finley, junior, who has been dating her boyfriend for over two years, this myth about young love has existed for an incredibly long time. Finley believes dati...

KHS students blind date

photo by Mia Alexander

Mia Alexander and Lydia Cohen

February 27, 2019

Watch as bachelor Will Blackmore blind dates eight unknown contestants to see who he is most compatible with. Feel the love in the air and determine for yourself who you think Will's soulmate is by voting on the poll below. ...

What movie will describe your Valentine’s Day?

What movie will describe your Valentine's Day?

Claire Boysen, features editor

February 12, 2018

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Love at first snap?

Love at first snap?

Thomas Birmingham, news-features writer

March 22, 2017

You pull out your phone and check your notifications. Nothing. You start to panic. They haven’t liked your last post on Instagram. They haven’t replied to your most recent Snapchat. You start to wonder whether you have done something to upset your boyfriend or girlfriend. A familiar question plants itse...

Love through the ages

Love through the ages

Erin Kelly and Abby Carpenter

February 13, 2016

With Valentine’s Day coming up, love is in the air. All around KSD, elementary schoolers are busy stapling lollipops onto their Spongebob Valentine’s Day cards while high schoolers scramble to make last-minute reservations for two. From Ms. Barnett’s kindergarten class and Ms. Kempter’s fourt...

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