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Every trick in the book

Every trick in the book

Paisley Regester, features writer

October 2, 2018

Whether it is being used for early morning group research, lunchtime cram sessions, or after school peer tutoring, the library has always been a hub for both social and independent learning at KHS. The library staff said they value the importance of adapting to the needs of each new generation of Kirkw...

Into the abyss

This is me, by the way. And also the universe.

Chloë King, web staff

September 9, 2014

So how did I end up here, doing Independent Research in Science? I guess the credit goes to to Dr. Dickinson, Mr. Brady, Mrs. Shadburne and Ms. Sutfin for pushing me off into the abyss. Honestly though, Julie Sutfin, my physics teacher last year, was the one who convinced me. I loved physics, and...

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