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Riverview hits the road

Riverview hits the road

Camille Baker, editor-in-chief

September 11, 2017

Rubbing his eyes, Torrance Harris stares out his bedroom window, seeing nothing but a pitch black winter sky. He turns to look toward the alarm clock blasting in his ear. It is 5:45 a.m. He arises to go through his usual morning routine. Shoveling breakfast in his mouth as he gathers his binders, Torr...

Tug of war

Tug of war

Sha'Diya Tomlin, opinions writer

August 28, 2017

My education is in the middle of a game of tug of war. And tug of war is never fun when you don't know who is on the other side of the rope. I was told as a child by my grandmother the key to becoming successful in life is getting my education. Do well in school, go to college and you can be and do w...

Arriving late on the struggle bus

Arriving late on the struggle bus

Cece Hensley and Kennady Wade

August 29, 2016

What we know: The Riverview Gardens School District (RGSD) is responsible for the busing of KSD students who live in their district to and from school. KSD pays for the 4:15 p.m. and 5:45 p.m. activities buses. During the first week of school, there was a single bus stop for all of the studen...

Ferguson’s impact on Kirkwood

A protester raises her hands in the street as police use tear gas to try to take control of the scene near a Ferguson Police Department squad car after protesters lit it on fire on Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2014, in the wake of the grand jury decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Ferguson, Mo., teen Michael Brown. (Anthony Souffle/Chicago Tribune/TNS)

Khalea Edwards, writer

May 24, 2016

With new courses, meetings about racial inequities and a Black History Month Museum, KSD has made in effort to address the the events that occurred in Ferguson, Missouri by educating students along with staff. “Our students here at KHS have all been impacted by Ferguson, just some more directly tha...

Ferguson strikes close to home

Ferguson strikes close to home

Abby Christensen, news editor

September 19, 2014

Due to events in Ferguson, approximately 40 KSD students from the Riverview Gardens School District were without bus transportation on the first day of school, causing many, including some freshman, to miss their first day of high school. According to Mike Wade, associate principal, Riverview Gardens...

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