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Gauging the gap

Gauging the gap

Jack Anderson and Jack Rintoul

March 17, 2019

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As the deafening noise of the halftime buzzer sounds, Samaya Trawick, junior and varsity cheerleader, leaps into place before her team begins their routine. At this moment, she feels a part of something. But for Trawick, that is not always the case at KHS. Taking both AP and honors courses over the...

Photo gallery: varsity boys’ basketball vs University City Jan. 10

Photo gallery: varsity boys’ basketball vs University City Jan. 10

Meg Murphy, photographer

January 14, 2019

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Kirkwood varsity boys' basketball defeated University City 80-68 in the Denver Miller Tournament Jan. 10. “I did think the Pioneers were going to win," Samaya Trawick, junior cheerleader, said. "I think when they start playing, they really get into the game and it turns out to be a good game." ...

Seeing double

Seeing double

Charlotte Heinrich and Mary Frizzell

November 20, 2017

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The first hour bell rings releasing you from the prison that is a high school class. You fumble with your backpack and try not to forget to grab your lunch as you and 20 others shuffle out of the doorway into freedom. On your left, passes a red-headed girl in the sea of teenagers. You think nothing of...

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