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Senior Column: Malcia Greene

Truth be told, I’ve enjoyed being the jester and not always the ringmaster.
Malcia Greene, associate editor June 11, 2020

College: University of Missouri Major: Journalism  “Steve,” my mom stammered. “Have you seen our daughter’s Instagram?” My dad had not. “Clown College ’24” my new bio proudly...

Senior Column: Benji Wilton

Senior Column: Benji Wilton
Benji Wilton, print editor May 27, 2020

College: Rice University Major: Economics "Mr. Furious.” My parents gave me that nickname when I was little for my intense stubbornness that never seemed to let up. Performing tasks conventionally...

Senior Column: Charlotte Heinrich

Art by Grayson Joyce.
Charlotte Heinrich, editor-in-chief May 27, 2020

College: The College of Charleston Majors: Business and Hospitality, with a minor in Historical Preservation A lot of people don’t know I have a sister. Eleanor, who we call El, is 6 years older...

Senior Column: Maddie Meyers

Senior Column: Maddie Meyers
Maddie Meyers, editor in chief May 26, 2020

College: University of Missouri Major: Journalism & Spanish   At 10:15 p.m. my friends –– AKA the Core Four –– and I laugh as we wander through the Nashville Opryland Hotel in our...

Senior Column: Emma Lingo

Emma will attend this University of Missouri for journalism this August.
Emma Lingo, editor-in-chief May 23, 2020

College: University of Missouri  Major: Journalism  Dear 2024 Emma, How are you doing? Things are pretty good right now (not counting the pandemic and all). I’m in our childhood bedroom and it’s...

Senior Column: Ethan Peter

You adopted me into your classes, cliques, sports and social lives.
Ethan Peter, web editor May 8, 2020

College: University of Missouri Majors: Strategic Communications and Marketing With all due respect, I never wanted to meet any of you. You’re scary, so scary that I cried when my parents told...

Senior Column: Jack Rintoul

Senior Column: Jack Rintoul
Jack Rintoul, editor-in-chief April 30, 2019

University of Missouri-Columbia  Major: Journalism and Computer Science  I used to get this feeling in my stomach back in sixth grade. This unbearable pain that would keep me up for hours just...

Senior column: Bridget Snider

Senior column: Bridget Snider
Bridget Snider, Print Managing Editor May 4, 2018

Some say there are two types of people: those who embrace the future and those who fear it. My last four years at KHS have shown me that I’m most definitely the second type. As a freshman, the idea of...

Senior column: Adele Baughman

Senior column: Adele Baughman
Adele Baughman, web managing editor April 30, 2018

Like every other freshman, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked into KHS on my first day of high school. Doing something new and different has never intimidated me and I already had a solid group...

Senior column: Kate Hennessey

Senior column: Kate Hennessey
Kate Hennessey, sports editor April 24, 2018

In high school you’re thrown into a world of decision-making in an attempt to find out what’s important to you. Go join those three clubs and attend nothing but the first meetings for them. Go to that...

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