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Senior Profile: Melodie Heaps

Senior Profile: Melodie Heaps
Kailey Shirrell, opinion's writer June 22, 2020

As she looked around at her classmates preparing college applications and stressing about extracurriculars, she realized college wasn’t a path she wanted to follow. Instead, Melodie Heaps, senior, decided...

Senior Profile: Zach Millenbruck and Aidan McGee

Seniors Zach Millenbruck and Aidan McGee took home first place in the integrated marketing category of the 2020 regional DECA competition. Photo Courtesy of Zach Millenbruck and Aidan McGee. Art by Emma Frizzell.
Kate Schreiber, features writer June 11, 2020

In total, six groups were called to the stage. As the Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) judges named the fourth, third and second place winners, Aidan McGee and Zach Millenbruck, seniors,...

Senior Column: Malcia Greene

Truth be told, I’ve enjoyed being the jester and not always the ringmaster.
Malcia Greene, associate editor June 11, 2020

College: University of Missouri Major: Journalism  “Steve,” my mom stammered. “Have you seen our daughter’s Instagram?” My dad had not. “Clown College ’24” my new bio proudly...

Senior profile: Lifting the pressure

Jack Matousek, features writer May 12, 2019

As the bell rings, many students spill out into the hallways talking about the day’s events.  One senior, Nolan Hauck, is an exception to this daily routine. Drawstring bag strung tightly over his shoulders,...

Senior Column: Claire Boysen

Senior Column: Claire Boysen
Claire Boysen, print managing editor May 3, 2019
I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs at KHS, but at the end of the day, I loved high school. Saying goodbye has been harder than I could have ever imagined.

Senior Profile: Emma Harrell

Amelia Hurley, features writer April 30, 2019

After logging onto the official ACT website, a sense of exhilaration rushed through her body. She silently begged for a score of at least 30. Nervously opening the tab, Emma Harrell, senior, was shocked...

Senior Column: Jack Rintoul

Senior Column: Jack Rintoul
Jack Rintoul, editor-in-chief April 30, 2019

University of Missouri-Columbia  Major: Journalism and Computer Science  I used to get this feeling in my stomach back in sixth grade. This unbearable pain that would keep me up for hours just...

Senior profile: Zack Demetri

Senior profile: Zack Demetri
Thomas Birmingham, in-depth editor May 14, 2018

Anthony sits on his hero’s shoulders. The boy he clings to locks his arms firmly around Anthony’s fragile legs, the steady grip erasing the slightest chance of falling. His smile fills his small...

Senior column: Bridget Snider

Senior column: Bridget Snider
Bridget Snider, Print Managing Editor May 4, 2018

Some say there are two types of people: those who embrace the future and those who fear it. My last four years at KHS have shown me that I’m most definitely the second type. As a freshman, the idea of...

Senior Profiles: Najma Omar

Senior Profiles: Najma Omar
Emma Lingo, news-features writer May 4, 2018

As a freshman walking into her first Student Council (STUCO) meeting, Najma Omar, senior, exuded confidence. She quickly learned how STUCO worked and trained senior class officers on how to become better...

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