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September awareness days and weeks

September awareness days and weeks

Annie O'Brien, health and wellness editor

August 31, 2018

Every month is full of different awareness days and weeks. Take a look at the calendar to find some dates and opportunities to learn more about each day and week of September.    ...

September calendar

September calendar

Delany Borella, features writer

September 7, 2016

To put a little fun back into everyone's lives, TKC compiled a September calendar full of crazy fun holidays. So with some friends, take a break and celebrate some of these wacky days. Wacky holidays can be also found on: Moon Phases September 2016, September Holidays 2016, September, 2016 Bizarr...

Varsity volleyball tops Ursuline during student night

photo courtesy of Paul Kopsky

Holden Foreman, sports writer

September 6, 2014

Girls’ varsity volleyball earned their fourth win of the season during their student night game Thursday against Ursuline (2-1).  It was the first match this year in which an opposing team had forced Kirkwood into a third game. Spirits were high pregame with each of the players launching t-shirts...

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