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Feature: Circle of Friends

Jacob Martin, junior, eats pizza with Kat Moore and Tyresse Norris, seniors.

Ainsley Fox, writer

May 17, 2017

Having its original roots in Webster Groves High School, Circle of Friends (COF) has been a prominent club at KHS for several years. The club is more than just a school activity because they go into the community and truly get to know people. It stands for more than just a club but rather a representation of what Kirkwood is a...

Accutane: Worth the risks?

Accutane: Worth the risks?

Erin Kelly, features writer

February 20, 2015

Most students have it, and most dream of it disappearing forever. “It” is acne, and to aid the majority of students who must endure the unsightly, red bumps on their face, there is a pill called Accutane. Accutane works to reduce the size of the skin’s oil glands and therefore reduce the amount...

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