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Suddenly it comes: you need to poop. With almost four more hours left in the school day, you have an important decision to make.

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TKC Staff March 3, 2021

TKC aims to cover issues affecting our community and student body. Recent acts of racism in our community and terrorism in our nation’s capital, among other events, have proved this a heavy and potentially...

After extensively comparing both music services, 77% (51/66) of TKC staff believe that Spotify is the superior music platform.

Call Ed teaser: Spotify vs. Apple Music

TKC Staff February 3, 2021

The rivalry between Spotify and Apple Music has been an ongoing debate for years, so TKC is here to finally settle the dispute and name a winner. After extensively comparing both music services, 77% (51/66)...

A Spotify Premium user is viewing their Spotify Wrapped for 2020.

Unwrapping KHS students’ “Spotify 2020 Wrapped”

Ava Duggin and Lila Shepard January 8, 2021

At the end of each year, people celebrate all of their triumphs and the challenges they faced by rekindling old memories. Another way that some can recount their memories from the year is checking...

“Most of the music I listen to was an old country [genre] called Honky-tonk. It’s from around the sixties and seventies,” Finn Sinner, senior, said. “Country was something that I grew up on. My dad and I listened to a lot during car rides and such. I’ve been listening to it as long as I can remember. With rap, I like it, it’s modern, and I can look forward to because [new rap music] comes out every other month.”

KHS Spotify Wrapped

Daniel Kim, sports editor December 16, 2018

With one single swipe, people have access to all the music in the world. Thanks to the invention of the smartphone and music streaming apps such as Spotify, listening to music anywhere has never been easier....

Spotify vs. Apple Music

Spotify vs. Apple Music

Abbey Painter, video editor March 5, 2018

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