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Riverview review

Riverview review

Thomas Birmingham, in-depth editor

August 28, 2017

In response to the Riverview Gardens Schools District cancelling transportation to and from KSD, TKC decided to look into some statistics regarding Riverview, its history, and what has prompted this change. Stats range from a timeline of Riverview's financial situation to data on the cost of buses. S...

Rams 2015-16: Infographic

Rams 2015-16: Infographic

Michael Teasdale, sports writer

September 28, 2015

Since the glory days of the early 2000s, experts and fans alike have been touting the Rams as a team to watch. And every single year, they have fallen short of the elusive dark horse status. After the decline of stars Torry Holt and Marshall Faulk as well as the departure of Kurt Warner, the Rams have n...

The ALS Association- Patients are People

Rose and John Bruemmer

Julia Wunning-Zimmer, opinions writer

November 7, 2014

Although 1.9 million new donors, according to, only know of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) from the viral Ice Bucket Challenge, Rose Bruemmer has become well-acquainted with the disease. Craig Bruemmer, her husband, and Rose first met when she was working as a physical therapist, helping peo...

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