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The Brain Issue: Very superstitious

As the saying goes,

Malcia Greene, associate editor

November 5, 2019

Step on a crack, break your mother’s back. At 6 years old, this so-called harmless saying instilled the fear of God in me. After all, how was a child supposed to know it was nothing more than an innocent rhyme? Alas, this unnerving phrase began to manifest in the back of my mind as something I couldn’t...

Snow day superstitions

Snow day superstitions

Maddie Meyers, features writer

January 31, 2018

“Hello, this is Ginger Cayce from the Kirkwood School District. School today is canceled because of inclimate weather.”   When the snow day phone call comes, hundreds of students curl back in bed, while others turn to social media to celebrate. Every year, students await this call, and some e...

Spring superstitions

Spring superstitions

Maisie Bradley, sports writer

March 12, 2017

TKC asked eight student-athletes about their off-the-field efforts to ensure a successful spring season. Below are their responses. art by Lizzie Stobbe...

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