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Madi’s melody

Madi's melody

Charlotte Heinrich, features writer

April 2, 2018

"Everything’s bigger in Texas,” Madi Janysek, senior, said. “I’ll keep telling you that until the day I die.” Janysek is no stranger to the Lone Star state, the place she still calls her home. Native to Arizona, Janysek moved to New York, San Antonio, Austin, Rhode Island and back to Austin,...

Voices of Dallas

“I have had a full knee replacement on [my] leg already and I have had complete facial reconstruction surgery. I was training one of the longhorns and I was walking him… and he jumped forward and I lost grip on his horn and he whipped his head back and caught me all the way across the left side of my face and just turned the bone into mush.

TKC Staff

December 14, 2017

Some TKC staffers and Pioneer staffers attended the Journalism Education Association (JEA) conference Nov. 15 to Nov. 17. Throughout the conference, we went around the city of Dallas and talked to some of the locals. Our goal was to tell the story of the city through the people who populate its stre...

Photo gallery: summer in the south

Jordan Roundtree, photographer

August 20, 2015

During the month of July, hundreds of AAU basketball players get the privilege to travel across the country to do what they love. Along the way, players and their families get to take advantage of all the wonderful sites. One of the destinations is Texas. Some may not realize the beautiful and different...

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