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Photo Gallery: 2020 Graduation

Amelia Hurley, De Lila Green, and Ella Davies

July 24, 2020

The KHS class of 2020 had their graduation ceremony on Saturday, July 11. Graduates were spaced six feet apart outdoors at the KHS football field in order to maintain social distancing. Dr. Michael Havener, KHS principal, said many hours of planning went int0 the ceremony.   "We tried to keep...

Ivy and thorns

For four years, students work long days and sleep short nights just for the chance to receive that email with “Congratulations!” in the title. But despite the hype, Ivy League colleges might not be all they’re cracked up to be.

Liam Jackson, associate editor

April 1, 2020

“What college are you going to?” I, like the rest of my fellow seniors, have been asked this quite a bit over the past months. For some, the answer is easy. They’ve known for months. For others, they’re pretty-sure-but-not-actually-for-sure attending that school in Oklahoma you Googled later because you’d ne...

KHS takes on technology addiction

Art of a hand scrolling on their phone, as many KHS students do.

Lydia Cohen, social media managing editor

March 24, 2020

Below are quotes from KHS students and staff discussing their views regarding technology addiction and the role it has played in their life.     “I feel like I haven’t had horrible experiences with [smartphone addiction]. It has helped me in a way. I’ve made friends on so...

Adoption through a different lens

It’s the soon-to-be big sister, waiting to share her room with a new family member. It’s a mother who has been working through the adoption process for years, and is ready to call a child her own. It’s the cat who knows that their tail is going to be pulled by a pair of tiny hands. Whether it’s international or domestic, everyone involved has their personal view of adoption.

Maya Kim, features writer

March 13, 2020

From the little girl meeting her forever family for the first time, to the first time mother finally getting to sign the adoption papers. Adoption is a life changing word that impacts many people, and it is completely different for everyone who goes through it. The adoptees aren’t the only ones who get to...

Sanders travels to St. Louis looking to win Missouri primaries

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders traveled to Missouri Monday, March 9 and spoke to a crowd at Stifel Theatre.

Kate Schreiber, features writer

March 11, 2020

 “Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!”  A crowd chanted and waved blue and white signs reading the name of presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders as he took the stage Monday, March 9 at the Stifel Theatre. The senator addressed the crowd, hoping to encourage one of the largest voter turn...

Call me by my name

As miniscule as it may seem, there’s a feeling of belonging when a person carries something that distinguishes them as otherwise different.

Malcia Greene, associate editor

March 3, 2020

I like hearing my name said aloud. No, not because it sounds like my parents threw together a couple sounds in the waiting room of a hospital 17 years ago or because it’s “difficult to pronounce.” It’s also not quite due to the fact that I enjoy when adults ask me to repeat myself for the f...

Simple tips to ‘Treat Yo Self’

Self-care. The internet took it and ran with it to cover up many underlying issues surrounding mental health.

Kiden-Aloyse Smith, copy editor

December 9, 2019

Self-care. The internet took it and ran with it to cover up many underlying issues surrounding mental health. According to Vice in “The Young and the Uncared For,” the rise of self care and the “treat yo-self” movement has taken a toxic form that hasn’t been helpful to people going through m...

KHS students recognized at Youth and Government’s Clark Convention

KHS MOYAG participants pose for a group photo following the annual YAG mixer.

Emma Lingo, editor-in-chief

December 7, 2019

KHS’s Missouri Youth and Government (MOYAG) club attended the annual Clark Convention in Jefferson City, Mo. where students participated in mock trials, passed mock legislation, held leadership positions and ran for office from Dec. 4-7. Thora Pearson, senior, led this year’s convention as Missour...

Photo Gallery: pep rally Nov. 27

Abbey Siegel, senior, leads the pommies during their dance at the pep rally.

Annie George and Ella Davies

November 30, 2019

On Wednesday, Nov. 27 KHS hosted a pep rally to support the football team before the Turkey Day game. The school and community came together to cheer on the football team for the game against rival Webster. The seniors performed their senior skits, the band played, the pommies and cheerleader performed...

The Brain Issue: The apparent reality

The truth is you will turn into your parents and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Lily Bartin, vok editor

November 10, 2019

This piece is entirely satirical. Some people believe nature shapes you and genetics alone determine who you are. Others claim nurture is a bigger factor and your environment shapes you. More than anything, the way you are raised forms your personality. The people who you’ve spent more time with t...

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