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Lil Nas X pioneered the way artists market their music on TikTok, and Martine and Barlow introduced a way for artists to create music with more independence.

TikTok music marketing 101

Kailey Shirrell, social media editor February 28, 2022

*Opinions From SoundCloud rappers to YouTube stars, independent music artists are not a new phenomenon. Several of these musicians have even come from Kirkwood such as Lane Fox better known as ratbeak...

Freshman, you should just drop out, its not worth it.

Freshmen features

Kailey Shirrell, news editor August 25, 2021

*This piece is entirely satirical. They say enjoy high school while it lasts, and that time goes by fast. They’re lying. Seriously, just drop out, don’t come to school (or at least don’t login)...

There has been a recent movement supporting body positivity on many social media platforms.

In-depth: Positively beautiful

Mya Copeland, features writer March 26, 2021

Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall, Kylie. The Kardashians.  Hannah Moore, junior, used to follow all the members of this well-known family of social media influencers. One day, she decided the ideal...

Nearly everyone dreams of being TikTok famous. But which current famous Tiktok creator are you truly most similar to?

Which famous TikTok creator are you?

Nathan Sweeney, features writer February 21, 2021

By this point, nearly everyone has TikTok downloaded on their phone. Some have even developed a borderline unhealthy addiction to it. And since you’ve most likely dreamed of TikTok stardom at some point,...

The glamorization of eating disorders is hidden in plain sight all over social media, and its impact on vulnerable followers can be disastrous.

“Thinspo”: The reality of eating disorders in media

Molly Higgins, print editor February 2, 2021

TW: This piece includes discussion of eating disorders. Young, impressionable eyes flicker in the reflection of a cell phone. A smiling teenager waves from the screen, introducing a new video to her...

2020 was a year full of many things, one of them being fashion trends. Check out Style trends of 2020 to see the top styles of the year.

Style trends of 2020

Emma Patt, entertainment editor January 31, 2021

Let’s face it – 2020 was a disaster. It seemed as though every aspect of our lives came to a screeching halt. However, time marched on, and so did fashion trends. Despite the uncertainty that came...

TikTok, once a lip-syncing app with the name, has seen shocking success during the three years it has been living on homescreens. This successful app is like no other, with an extremely flexible algorithm and a diverse variety of content creators. TikTok is seemingly winning the social media race.

TikTok: the snowflake of social media apps

Maya Kim, social media editor October 27, 2020

From retweeting a Twitter post, to snapchatting a picture of the ceiling to a friend, social media makes an appearance in people’s lives every day. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat...

Post-Christmas winter is boring, dreary and stressful. Heres a guide to get you through it.

Winter Survival Guide

Megan Glasgow, features writer January 19, 2020

*This story is entirely satirical. Now that the excitement of the winter holidays is wearing off, the harshest months of the year have finally arrived. January: the month of sickness, stress and slipping...

TikTok is a social media app that people use to make funny short videos.

What TikTok stereotype are you?

Kailey Shirrell, opinions writer October 1, 2019
Have you ever wondered what TikTok stereotype you are? This quiz will let you know.
Living in 2019, we have a lot to be anxious about. Whether it’s politics, the looming thought of climate change, or even events in our personal lives, we all need an escape. Right now, TikTok, an app that’s slogan is “Make Your Day,” is that escape.

What’s the Deal with TikTok?

Lindsay McCarthy, features writer September 12, 2019
Wondering what's all the craze about the new social media app TikTok? Us too.
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