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Seniors’ last Turkey Day Week

Seniors' last Turkey Day Week

Katie Judd, copy editor

November 26, 2017

  This timeline walks you through Turkey Day Week with the 2018 senior class including hallway decorations, the pep rally, the senior skit and their final Turkey Day Game as a KHS students. ...

Turkey Day Week 2017 schedule

Turkey Day Week 2017 schedule

Fitz Cain and Charlotte Heinrich

November 20, 2017

Not sure what to do over Thanksgiving break? There are plenty of events around Kirkwood to celebrate this important week in the community. Check out the timeline below for details and click here for more information. ...

Suicide Awareness Week Timeline: April 24-28, 2017

Suicide Awareness Week Timeline: April 24-28, 2017

Erin Kelly, managing editor

April 23, 2017

KHS is sponsoring its second annual Suicide Awareness Week (SAW) April 24-28, 2017. The week was established with the goal of eliminating the stigma associated with mental illness and adolescent suicide. SAW aims to facilitate healing in the community through educational programs and resources with ope...

History of blackface

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia under the Creative Commons License.

Naomi Blair, news writer

December 6, 2016

Blackface is when people who are not black darken their face in order portray corrupted images of blacks, according to PBS. Blackface is used to mock black people in public. While this is an issue, many students at KHS do not know what blackface is or the history behind it. Below is a timeline depicting...

A tribute to President Obama

A tribute to President Obama

Anna-Claire Kilcoyne, features writer

November 8, 2016

15 things you probably didn't know about Barack Obama His high school nickname was O’Bomber because of his basketball skills. His father died in a car crash in 1982 and his mother died of ovarian cancer in 1995. While on the campaign trail, he refuses to watch CNN like his competitors and ...

TKC through the ages

TKC through the ages

Thomas Birmingham, news writer

October 6, 2016

For the many members of the KHS community who are unfamiliar with our history, this is a timeline highlighting the issues, advisors, and awards that have made our publication into what it is today. Here are the headlines and most important moments in the 99 year life of The Kirkwood Call.

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