The Kirkwood Call

Journalism seniors say their goodbyes to KHS

Jane Stewart and Adele Baughman

May 2, 2016

Seniors from KHS journalism programs (including Pioneer Yearbook, The Kirkwood Call, and KHTV) confess the things they will miss and not miss about high school.

Mr. KHS: Meet the Contestants

Contestants line up on the stage, displaying their swimsuit attire.

Erin Kelly, features writer

February 27, 2015

Twenty-three men in somewhat compromising outfits, three tension-filled rounds, one ultimate sash and crown. The Mr. KHS pageant has once again come to grace the halls of KHS, bringing with it hilarious dance numbers, outfits and interviews. On Feb. 23 at 6 p.m., students and family gathered in Keating...

I’m a stalker

I'm a stalker

Julia Wunning-Zimmer, opinions writer

January 29, 2015

My fingers tap away at the keyboard and spell out his name. With each swirl of the loading icon, my stomach churns with anticipation. Voila! Seventy six results. After scrolling, I see his image and immediately click on it. I flip through his visible profile pictures and begin to feel uneasy. With an...

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Trevor Currie