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Pokemon Go: update or no?

Pokemon Go: update or no?

Holden Foreman, web editor

December 13, 2016

We came. We saw. We flicked Pokéball after Pokéball at the virtual creatures inhabiting cars, parks and even our own homes. And then, as suddenly as we had started, we stopped it all. Pokémon Go was a global phenomenon for a couple months, but it quickly faded into oblivion, as a plethora of bugs...

Silence from scientists

I waited for weeks until I finally got an answer from the UMSL crew.

Chloë King, web staff

January 21, 2015

For a while, nothing happened. I’ve been working on my IRIS (Independent Research in Science) project since August. The idea behind IRIS is to team up with a scientist working on a research project, then present your findings at a science fair at the end of the year. I’m working with Dr. Aimee Dun...

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