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A recap of the violence in Charlottesville

Maggie Burton

Wolfgang Frick, web staffer

September 15, 2017

The campus at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Va. is usually quiet by night. But on the night of Aug. 11, a chorus of chants echoed through the center of the campus, and a sea of torches held by white supremacists and neo-Nazis could be seen. The Hitler Youth led similar marches nearly...

Top 5 news stories of 2015

TKC Staff

December 23, 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, the news staff has covered stories from the ban of candy sales, to stealing at KHS, to the game of catch up after missing school. Even though stories are tough to find, this year’s staff has done a great covering a wide variety of topics. Please enjoy some of 2015’s best new...

Homicides in St. Louis

Homicides in St. Louis

Ryan Davidson and Cece Hensley

November 10, 2015

TKC looked at St. Louis homicide statistics over the past several years. The map indicates the 11 most murderous neighborhoods in St. Louis in relation to Kirkwood. The homicide statistics for 2015 are updated as of Oct. 27, 2015.   1. Wells/Goodfellow Area: 1.23 square miles Murders: 15 (on pace for 18.3) Population: 5,895 Murders/square mile: 12.2 Chance of being murdered in 2015...

Call ed: out of (gun) control

Call ed: out of (gun)control

TKC staff

November 8, 2015

Lafayette: 3 dead, 9 injured. Charleston: 9 dead, 1 injured. Umpqua Community College: 10 dead, 9 injured. These are just a few places that made national headlines in the past six months. According to The Washington Post, the United States has had more mass shootings than number of days in 2015. ...

Havener dispels rumors of violence at KHS

Havener dispels rumors of violence at KHS

Lucy Dwyer, editor-in-chief

November 12, 2014

Rumors surfaced Wednesday morning that some type of violence may take place at KHS Wednesday, Nov. 12. Dr. Michael Havener, principal, said he was contacted Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning by parents about the potential violence. Havener’s sources said any violence would be related to the...

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