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Well, here’s why.

Dont use a common excuse; get out there and vote.

Olivia Silvey, opinions writer

February 10, 2020

2002 babies, this year is our time to shine. Well, as long as you’re born before Nov. 3. We are the next wave of Gen Zs turning 18, which comes with a lot of privileges — you’re able to sue someone, get married and get a piercing, all without having to convince your mom. The most exciting one, how...

How to vote in 2020

2020 is a big year for voting. Find out how to become a registered voter.

Megan Glasgow and Katherine Stobbe

January 30, 2020

Seniors are not going to want to miss out on voting in 2020. Polls held this year include local events like a school board election and voting on Prop S, as well as nation-wide campaigns like the presidential election. KHS seniors are beginning to turn the legal voting age, 18, and many experts say their vote could matter more than ever this year...

Fast facts of the 2020 election

Read up on the current standings of the 2020 presidential election.

Olivia Silvey, opinions writer

December 13, 2019

Although it is only December, campaigning for the 2020 presidential election began almost a year ago. With 15 Democrats, three Republicans and a constant stream of election coverage, it can be confusing to know where to look for what information. Below, everything is condensed to the basic facts, so don’t ...

The Catalonia climate

The Catalonia climate

Jack Bugee, opinions writer

November 20, 2017

Catalonia is a term heard appearing throughout the news lately but has not been covered much in America. Buried under stories about the presidential Twitter account lies a massive political battle happening abroad. Across the Atlantic, a borderline revolution stirs in eastern Spain. At it’s fo...

St. Louis voters fail to pass proposition 2

St. Louis voters fail to pass proposition 2

Kate Hennessey, sports writer

April 6, 2017

Voters in St. Louis passed Proposition 1, which will increase the city sales tax half a cent on every dollar and $12 million a year toward an 8-mile expansion of MetroLink, on April 4.   Proposition 2 would have  allowed funding toward building a 22,000 seat soccer stadium for the St. Louis...

Vote here! New sculpture coming to the Nancy Grimes Sculpture Garden


Erin Kelly, managing editor

March 31, 2017

KHS is looking to add another sculpture to the Nancy Grimes Sculpture Garden, located outside the senior hallway. The administration wants students to vote on their favorite design in the poll below. Approximately 80 students from Jordan Fryer’s Engineering Design and Development class created paper m...

Citizens to vote on Prop A tomorrow

Ben Cohen, breaking news editor

November 2, 2015

Voters in the Kirkwood School District will vote on Proposition A Nov. 3. Proposition A is a tax levy of $0.78 per $100 of assessed value. The proposition was approved unanimously July 20 by the Kirkwood Board of Education. Resident enrollment increased by 650 students since 2010, and KSD has not asked for...

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